Freelance Writing Tutor

Where: Provo, UT Area--UVU, BYU, Orem City, & Provo City Libraries

Cost: $20/hr.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Freelance Writing Tutor

1) Qualified
2) Experienced
3) Affordable
4) Human Spell-Checker
5) Local
6) Good Fit

1) B.A. in Secondary Education, English Endorsement, Utah Valley University; Special Education Endorsement, Weber State University
2) Past Tutorees: 1st grader, Undergrads, Master's Program Student; Worked one-on-one teaching reading/writing as a Special Educator; Taught High School English; Educator since 2005
3) $20.00/hour
4) Spelling Talent--In 7th grade I beat out all 7th graders and all but 2 eighth graders at school spelling bee; Can see correct spelling of a word just once and remember it forever.
5) Reside in Provo, UT area
6) Empathetic, Easy-going, Even-tempered, Visual Learner